Big ideas have small Beginnings.

Couple of months ago, a group of 40 women got trained from TheYellowBag in cloth bag making. Some of them joined bag making units, some went back to garment units, some went back to their regular work. Few wanted to start!

Here they are; a group of ambitious women started off their first step. Ably guided by Mr.Meyyappan, a social worker who has been taking all the market risk on behalf of them. It is a little trash looking place today. The people involved are determined. They say, we and the machines are important now. The place will appear better with time. Let’s start the work today.

On this day of lights, we are happy to have started a big hope for them. TheYellowBag will continue its support in assisting them with work and skillset.

Each of the cloth bags we stitch has a story to tell. Come talk to us for more stories.


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    Wow! Its a great article about bags that I have read in recent times. I am definitely going to come back for future posts. keep up the good work. cheers!

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