We are a group of people working independently and collectively to create sustainable livelihoods, develop conscious consuming habits and motivate a pro-planet mindset. We are social enterprises and we support each other to create wow products for the customer and a lovable product for mother earth,

When we recommend suitable products for your lifestyle, we give equal importance in creating a mindset of conscious consuming. For a sustainable world, we all have to re-look at our purchases, limit our purchases, uses our purchases for its full lifetime and make environment and people friendly choices.

Makers cart is a people driven platform connecting conscious customers with sustainable products. The products are manufactured by social enterprises aligning to the core value of eco friendly products and people friendly production. Most of the products listed in our platform can be custom manufactured for your business needs. We can also supply to wholesale buyers, shops and fair trade buyers across the world.

Makers Cart is supported by TheYellowBag Movement, a social organization which believes in the power of social enterprises to inspire and implement solutions for a better sustainable world.