Gomani – Gomani shoulders the organisation in his role as Cheif Executiuve Officer. With a prestigious MBA degree,  he opted to work in social enterprise and create an impact.  He makes sure the values of the organisation are maintained and  keeps the organization efficient all the time. In his free time, Gomani sprinkles management mantra to his colleagues as and friends.



Saradha – Saradha runs ilai studio and is our Chief Product Officer. She handles from scrap to sales of all the upcylced products we make. She also handles all our retail sales channels online and offline. Saradha brings in big new ideas and new products constantly increasing the benchmark of our production partners. An avid travel freak, when she is free she is travelling somewhere.


Priya is the face of our wholesale business line and she plays the role of Product Specialist. She partners with customers to get them the right product they need. Priya is also known within our production partners as a tuff mam who would never compromise on meeting deadlines and quality. She loves pets and is a learner of many art forms including classical dancing.


Rajamani is our pillar our support in his role as administrative superintendent. He is a very fast learner and teaches our production partners many a skills which he picks ups from many places. He takes care of all the deliveries  making sure each product despatched from us reaches our customer partners on time in the right shape. His mother tongue vocabulary is something the entire team keeps learning.


Shanthi is a very talented lead tailor who started her tailoring career at age 16. A single mother of two children, she is a multitasker with a keen eye for detail. Shanthi is known amongst our designing partners for executing simple tailoring solutions for complex design problems. Her colleagues feel her warmth and affection even while miles apart. She keeps spreading happiness as her purpose in life.


Gowri is our founder and chief care taker. She is the go-to person for handling any issues and she has got the magical power to sort it out with a smile. Having worked with IBM for ten years, she now works with grassroot level partners. Loved by all our partners for her efforts in keeping the customers and producers aligned and growing.